Goddess Mel
You want MORE, Piggy
You want MORE, Piggy

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So you are back my little breeding pig? You wanna know what you Goddess has in store for you this time? You know, I always have new ideas for you maggot to fuck your brain up. Look at me, your Goddess. Normally I would not allow a loser like you to enjoy my beauty but today I am in a good mood. My sexy long legs will melt your tiny brain. You can´t resist falling to your knees in front of me, your Queen, your Goddess. Maybe I will even allow you to become my ashtray and to swallow my divin ashes. Maybe... maybe not. But for this privilege you will have to tribut big or did you really think a goddess like me would spent time with a loser like you for free? Pah, you only exist for me when your bank account is bleeding bit time! My divine legs will make you go crazy. Come closer and become my property! If not today then within a few days... the day will come, I promise you! Soon you will only live for my luxury.