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Slavebitch Hassan - My married slave?
Slavebitch Hassan - My married slave?

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My little slavebitch Hassan is kneeling naked and locked up in his chastity device in front of his Goddess allowed to tell you what he has been doing lately. He was allowed to stroke his pathetic dick and cum at my feet and also clean my toilet... but now he is locked up again. Already now he is annoying me with beeing that horny again. I am using him as my chair and let my piggy know that I have a blanked debt certification in my hands for him ready to sign. He is completely addicted to me and I also let him know that he has to divorce his ugly wife to become married to me, his Goddess. If not, I will fuck him up with that certification. He is begging and groveling for mercy but if I want to, he will lose not only his job but his wife and family as well... it is all up to me! I let him know exactly what to do to become my married slave. But being married to me does not mean that he is allowed to have sex or even see me regulary. Maybe as a cuckold once in while he may be of use. Just anything I want! So do I let him out of his cage again just because he signed that paper? We will see...