Goddess Mel
PP Excess - Inhaled and cashed out
PP Excess - Inhaled and cashed out

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Yes, today you will become a very obidient slave. Your goddess wants to destroy your little brain today... Look at me! Look up to me slave and oh look, what do we have here for you maggot? A big box of Popp3rs just for you piggy. Enough to take the rest of you little mind and to make you a mindless object. Stop drooling you pathetic pig and beg me to give you a first deep, intensive scent. Grovel in front of me and inhale... deeper... deeper! In your nebulized brain you have only eyes for me, your Mistress, your Queen! Another sniff... and now you are allowed to drool you worthless maggot.... I want to play... inhale and cashed out is the game we are playing. Now open up your bank account and take another deep breath... are you even able to think about something else but on me? Thinking about my long, beautiful legs and how hard you get being humiliated and degraded by me? I always get what I want! So get this clip, get some popp3rs and send me a message on my website while your bank account is waiting to be drained! What are you waiting for slave?