Goddess Mel
Louboutins for Goddess Mel Part 2
Louboutins for Goddess Mel Part 2

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My little loser, of course your Goddess has a perfeclty fitting dress for her new shoes as well... perfectly styled as always and how you losers love me. You are kneeeling in front of my divine red heels and well... like that you are only half as ugly as normal haha... My long legs are dressed in soft nylon thights and my dress is showing you A LoT! But do you deserve that at all? So this is going directly to my little bitchboi that got me those heels... Your Goddess is very happy with her new heels that you were allowed to buy. But you should have been here in front of me and putting them on my beautiful feet. I will make sure that you will do that in reallife quite soon. But for now you got more work to do! Don´t you think those Louboutins are fitting perfectly to my divine feet? You may work for another pair from now on and maybe you might even got those nylons that I am wearing. Maybe... But now, down with you loser slave and get one last breath of that divine scent and one last look at my feet... are you already in tran**? There will be no end to that ever again...