Goddess Mel
Hardcore Blackmail - More than Blackmail
Hardcore Blackmail - More than Blackmail

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This clips is a master piece of Goddess Mel. It’s about one of my former slaves which I kicked out of my stable recently. He swore to me that he will do EVERYTHING for me! Really EVERYTHING? Of course, one cannot rely on this statement for 100% of such an inferior slave which is not able to lead his life on its own. I already noticed this at the very beginning of living this lifestyle as a findomme/ femdomme. I have all info of this cunt. Which info, or, means of pressure I have you will watch in this clip. I will also tell you how he reacts and what kind of silly games he wants to play with me. It’s a super thrilling and mind fucking clip. You will see me in sexy leather over knee boots and in shiny leggings as well as my perfect butt which I don’t want to hide. Together with my divine perfection this clip will make you crawl beneath my feet. I want to point out particularly that ALL of my blackmailing is consensual!!! It kicks me when my blackmail slaves don’t obey me because I know that I totally own them. Although this slave has almost nothing to lose, I will take his last penny that his impudence and disrespect towards me will end finally! This is my LAST WARNING! This clip is not only about the above mentioned topic, I also tell you about how you will get the chance and privilege to serve me in real, to submit to me in real and how to completely devote your life to me. This is also a clip for none blackmail lovers and purchasing that MASTER PIECE is an essential step to approach me. Once again I point out that TRUST is always very important between a Domme and a sub! Put your life in my palms and you will finally complete your pathetic life!