Goddess Mel
Goddess Mel's money maker
Goddess Mel's money maker

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Here's a special kind of slave cunt! One of my first slaves, serving me for 2 years, and that's what it looks like after I transformed him into a slave maggot. After a short recovery I'm on his heels again since February - going harder on him than ever before. Despite the fact that he lost his job I won't accept a month under 1000 Euro! That's more than double of his regular budget, his social security payments of which I already take 250 Euro - leaving him barely enough to pay his rent. He explains to you how he manages to pay the rest for me! We also talk about the past and he explains his life of suffering from the beginning - and how he's able to endure it - his Goddess Mel, my sex appeal, my feet and my strict hand - 100% real talk!