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Cuckold Life - Cash point meet
Cuckold Life - Cash point meet

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I thought that it will be the right time to make a clip how I FUCK A REAL TIME SLAVE. This is THE FIRST TIME together with a cucki and my lover! He is one of the lucky bitches who was allowed to sign a loan contract. However, this dork is delayed in paying off his instalments, so he has to pay me a subtotal of €100. We ordered him to come to a nearby parking lot. This cash cunt failed because he could only borrow €75 from his mom. Hahahaha! First part of his punishment was making this clip in order to bring in the missing money. Then there was some action!!! He didn’t know what will happen to him. My lover suspected it correctly. My cucki thought that with my little Seat which I have taken from another slave will nothing happen to him when I drive over his foot as his punishment… But my slave dodged and pulled away his foot. Now he whines while texting me at WhatsApp how sorry he is… But THIS will lead to even more punishment!!!