Goddess Mel
Appointment at the notary--become MY property!
Appointment at the notary--become MY property!

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My slave Yunus has been serving me since May 2016! In order to complete his total ownership under my rule and in order to demonstrate my power over him, there is only a general power of attorney missing which needed to be notarially certified. Now I’m once and for all in the position to sign any contract on the name of my property. And he even won’t notice anything about it. How far I will go finally that’s what only I will decide! He will eat out of my divine palms! On top of the general power attorney my slave Yunus also lays down his pathetic life with a notarially certified patient decree to my feet! First in this clip you can see a preview of me before the appointment with the notary. Then we made a clip of my slave and ME in an elegant dress of Hugo Boss in front of the building of the notary where he kneels down and kisses my feet in public. That’s the price for accepting the general attorney! At the end you can see how Goddess Mel gets served champagne from slave cunt for this special day.
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