Goddess Mel
A momentous signature
A momentous signature

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What to do when a slave runs out of money? Throw him away? No- in case my property has no money left, he has to think of something new, otherwise I will find a way. And I show you how this will look like!

He's a special one, except of the current situation, because he works his ass off for me. But still the sky's the limit! I have enough pressurising media to make him lose his family and his freedom.

He once had taboos and limits, and even property... now he only got me left, and it's never enough for me! As long as he's able to hold a pen, he's able to do much more for me. One signature makes everything possible, do you wanna know what it is about?

Something really momentous! A good friend of mine relocates of reasons which are none of your business, but she needed a warrantor. She didn't want to ask her parents, so you can imagine who will pay for it now! Hopefully she won't destroy her new flat :D. The best thing is, that idiot doesn't know nuts what he's signing there. Doesn't matter at all, because he does everything I want.

He's a little bitchy at the moment, but he's gonna pay for that also.