Goddess Mel
A little Mindfuck
A little Mindfuck

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You ugly addicted piggies out there haven´t had a mindfuck of Goddess Mel today, right? We should change that immediately... we both know, how addicted you are to me. But getting even more addicted won´t hurt haha. There even might be some creatures out there that dare to say no to me... that is not very slavish! And exactly you losers should watch this clip... my divine ass will soon rule your life. You tiny weener isn´t even good for fucking and that means you are worthless... but not for me... I can give you a reason to life. You can spoil and worship me all day and night! Maybe you might even be allowed to buy me some sexy underwear in which I can spoil my alpha tonight... and for you loser? You may be allowed to lick me divine feet while begging to give me more... maybe you will... maybe not... it depends always on my mood slave!