Goddess Mel
Goddess Mel
Written on 27.09.2022 at 05:45 by Goddess Mel

To make it very clearly!!!

I am Goddess Mel, a elite Findomme, who is not accepting small tributes like $50 or something like this. If you want to serve me, tripple digit tributes are mandatory !!!

Goddess Mel
Written on 01.10.2020 at 21:44 by Goddess Mel
Goddess Mel
Written on 26.04.2020 at 23:58 by Goddess Mel

Finally some good news for you disgusting maggots out there. Your Goddess Mel has uploaded some new Clips and Videos to her homepage and also some very special tasty for you.

In the menu item Store you slaves will find some promissory notes for you to download... so you can get even more addicted and bound to your goddess.
In addition there are also new picturesets for you freaks to buy. So get buying!

Goddess Mel
Written on 08.04.2020 at 10:52 by Goddess Mel
Blackmail is a taboo topic for many - but for my po**3er addicted Bitch it is heaven on earth.
Since december this little victim belongs to ME now and look... it really bought this clip due to his addiction to me and to see what I really have recorded:-)
Now the next bestseller will come online within the next few days... Part 2.
The file with the sinsitive data, pics and videos will stay locked and is saved in my cloud!
This was an agreement between the both of us and the little bitch is behaving good at the moment so right now there is no reason for an outing!


Goddess Mel
Written on 26.02.2020 at 10:41 by Goddess Mel

Ready for the future 

As my chaste cuckold ?

As my obedient beta ?
As My human ATM ?

As My worthless,pathetic loser?


The answer is ALWAYS:



Hurry up, Loser!


Send your Slave Application & $100 Tribute NOW!


And don't forget to buy your Queen Gifts from the amazon wishlist,bitch ;)