Goddess Mel


Hello loser!

I, Goddess Mel, welcome you to my homepage. Slave’s applications are always welcome. But to become part of my inner circle you have to prove yourself worthy! Live sessions are possible. They will take place in the post code area 38xxx in a private ambience.

I will wreck your life without flinching. So you better think twice before speaking to me. This honesty from my side is the only kind of mercy you will get from me. Once you become my little addict, I won’t let you go so easily. But you don’t have to pee yourself now. I also enjoy playing with my not so tough slaves. Even the friendly guy-next-door you can have a nice chat with is allowed to contact me. When I agree upon taboos or contracts I stick to them. But those of you who want to get fucked up better have some glide gel ready.

And of course your holiday allowance, christmas money, and other bonuses belong to me now.